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1a. Empowered Learner | Math | Grades 3-12

Students take a diagnostic test that is appropriate for their grade level and mathematical discipline (e.g., geometry, pre-algebra, physics, etc.) or topic within a discipline (e.g., number theory, probability, distribution, etc.). Next, students analyze their results, and they identify one or more areas to strengthen. Students then use resources to build their knowledge and skills focused on the areas they identified to strengthen. When ready, students record themselves explaining how to solveĀ  problems in the area(s) they identified needing strengthening. Students can send a link of the recording to their teacher, so the link can be posted to a class website.

EdTech Resources for Mathematical Diagnostic Tests

Students can choose and complete multiple quizzes from this resource to gauge their proficiency. Students can then use their quiz results to help them identify an area for strengthening.


Students can register with this website and then choose and complete quizzes to gauge their proficiency. After taking multiple quizzes, students can review their results to identify an area for strengthening.


EdTech Resources for Studying Mathematical Topics

Once students identify an area for strengthening, they can view videos about the area using this resource. To access the videos, students will need to click the “Courses” button on the top left of the screen and choose the course of interest. A new screen will load, where students can access the videos.


Students can load this website and use the menu on the top right of the screen to locate the topic and lessons of interest. They can then review the content to strengthen their focus area.


EdTech Resources for Recording and Sharing Lessons

After strengthening their focus area, students can create a presentation using this tool where they demonstrate how to solve sample problems. Once finished, students can send their teacher a link to their presentation, so it can be shared with the class.


Student Objective



This instructional idea requires students to set a personalized learning goal based on the results of a diagnostic test. Students then use technology to develop their understanding and skills need to strengthen their skills in the area they identified for their goal, and the recording that students create is a reflection of their growth in that area.

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