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2c: Intellectual Property Rights | Let’s Give Credit | K-2

Student Objective

Students will be able to:
-Explain how giving credit is a sign of respect for people's work
-Learn how to give credit in their schoolwork for content they use from the internet


Original Post from Common Sense Education

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  2. Go to the linked website here to view the full lesson and resources
    1. Do the warm up activity/discussion, That’s Mine
    2. Explore the activity, How Do We Give Credit?, to help identify the author, title and website for online resources
    3. Complete the Research Project handout in small groups
      1. Note: You can make connections to any existing research assignments students are doing. Based on your preference, you can instruct students to cite their work on each slide or with a Works Cited page at the end of the report.
    4. Have a reflection conversation and/or complete the reflection sheets, Pause & Think Moment

*As an extension, you could have students use a form or survey application (Google Forms, MS Forms, Survey Monkey, etc.) to fill in the necessary information of a sources they are given or found for a class project. For example, for the How Do We Give Credit? activity, students are looking for the author, title and website for different sources. You could create a form asking for these three criteria. You could model putting this information in to the form as a class. Then ask the students to input the information they find on other sources in their small group discussions. This builds a class log of resources, or a works cited page to reference in your reflection. It also reinforces the important information that should be cited when using information from a website.


In this instructional idea students learn the fundamentals of citing information found online. They learn the fact that all information on the internet comes from an author, and the importance of giving the author's credit for the information you use. They spend time looking for the author, title and website for multiple resources and create simple citations.

EdTech used in this activity:

Google Forms

Alternative Ed Tech you could use:

Microsoft Forms, Free Online Surveys