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3a. Knowledge Constructor | English Language Arts | Grades 6-12

Instructional Idea

Students are assigned a topic and required to locate primary and secondary sources about it to create an annotated bibliography. In an introductory paragraph, students will have to provide an overview of the topic and the search term(s) and search engine(s) used to locate the sources about their topic. After locating a source, students will add it to their annotated bibliography by providing a full citation and brief summary of its most important parts. As student collect sources about their topic, they are encouraged to evaluate and revise their plan for locating sources, which will be used to update their introductory paragraph, as needed.

EdTech for Locating Sources

A collection of search engines formatted on one screen, with the functionality to locate a variety of different content. Students can use Search All to locate sources for their annotated bibliography.


This resource is a robust collection of primary and secondary sources that is searchable using keywords and catalogs. Students can use the National Archives online database to locate sources for their annotated bibliography.

EdTech for Writing Citations and Style Guides

This website is a go-to resource for writing style guides, such as MLA and APA. As student collect sources for their annotated bibliography, they can use Purdue’s Online Writing Lab to ensure the accuracy of their citations.

Student Objective



This teaching strategy requires students to outline and evaluate a plan for locating digital information using search terms and search engines for the purpose of creating an annotated bibliography.

EdTech used in this activity:

Alternative Ed Tech you could use:

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