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7a. Global Citizen | English Language Arts | Grades 6-12

To support students in exchanging ideas about the books they are reading with a variety other individuals, teachers can have students locate online books clubs and join one. To begin, teachers can have students locate online book clubs that align to their interests and write a short proposal for why they want to join the book club they identified. Teachers can then read the proposal, review the book club, and then either approve the proposal or provide feedback to help students locate another book club and repeat the proposal process. Once students join the book club, they should have access to the book being read and log their contributions to the group, including a record of the posts they shared, responses they offered to other members’ posts, and more! After they finished reading the book with their club, students can make a mini-presentation about both the book and the experiences they had with other members of the club.

EdTech Resources for Digital Book Clubs

This resource allows students to access forums, wikis, and discussions about young adult novels. Though it is not a book club per say, it does provide students an outlet for practicing how to discuss books with a larger, digital community.

Students can log onto Andrew Luck’s book club and see which books the club is currently reading. They can also use the hashtag #ALbookclub to view trending topics that members of the book club are sharing. When ready, students can join the book club by accessing the book and then posting their about it using #ALbookclub.

Students can join this digital book club that specifically reads books that won or were nominated for Goodreads awards. Once they join the club, students can engage other readers in topics related to the book.


Student Objective



This instructional idea requires students join an online book club, and they will be able to digitally share and interact with other members of the book club. By engaging other members of the book club, students will be able to broaden their perspective of the texts by engaging the club's members who have a broad range of experiences.

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