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7c. Global Citizen | Math | Grades 6-12

Teachers divide students into group of five, and each group is assigned a word problem or equation. Student groups are then to:

  1. Solve the math problem or equation;
  2. Explain the steps they used to solve the problem or equation, either in writing or numerically;
  3. Identify and list professionals who would solve similar types of problems and equations as part of their job;
  4. Locate an image that represents the work of professionals who solves these types of math problems; and,
  5. Describe in writing how the image represents the professionals’ ability to solve the problem or equations.

For example, a group may have been assigned a problem that requires them to use a theorem about angles in order to solve it. They will then solve the problem and list the steps they used to solve it. Students then identify professionals who use angles as part of their job, such as architects, engineers, and air traffic controllers. Students could then locate an image of a putt putt golf hole to exemplify how an engineer uses angles to design the hole, which they would describe.

To complete this process, students can organize their groups, so each student is responsible for a specific step and then review the work for another step. For example, a student may be responsible for Step #1 while another student is responsible for Step #2. Once they complete their steps, they can then check each other’s work to ensure accuracy and alignment.

Once the group has completed all the steps and checked their work, they can collaborate on the design of a presentation that addresses the prompts. They will then share that work with the whole class by posting it to a class website as well as making a short presentation.

EdTech Resources for Collaborating on Presentations

One student can create this presentation and share it with theirĀ  group mates. Next, students can create a new slide for their assigned step. The students can complete their step and add content to their slide. Other students can then view their group mate’s work and offer feedback. Students can then make revisions to their work and, when ready, the group can upload their presentation to a class website. Teachers can then review the presentation before calling on the group to present it.

One student can begin a new Google Slides in h Google Drive and then share it with his/her/their group mates. The other students in the groups can then create a slide and add their assigned content to the slide. After the content has been added, students can review their group mate’s work and provide feedback. Once the Google Slides is finalized, students can share it with their teacher who can review it before having the groups present it to the class.

Student Objective



This instructional idea places students in groups with the common goal of solving a math problem or equation and providing supplemental information. Students are assigned specific steps to complete for their roles as well as check their group mates' work and contribute to a presentation.

EdTech used in this activity:

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