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7d. Global Citizen | English Language Arts | Grades 6-12

Fostering a “love of reading” in children is an enduring cause. To help develop a love of reading in young children, students can explore the reasons why students don’t develop a love for reading at an early age. Once having identified those reasons, students can work together along with inviting community partner to join them in developing ways to help children foster a love for reading, and example ideas include¬†a reading day, book fair, book donation drive, or something else! Students can then plan and implement the event.

EdTech Resources for Brainstorming Events and Sharing Information

When looking into strategies/events for fostering a love of reading in young children, students can enter strategic key word combinations into a variety of search engines to help brainstorm ideas.

After deciding on their strategy/event, students can use this tool to create a presentation to explain the strategy/event to the class and get their feedback before implementation. They can also use this tool to create flyers and social media posts to promote their work, when ready.

EdTech Resources for Collaboration

Once students have selected the strategy/event they want to use to engage younger children in reading, they can create a board using this piece of edtech to identify all the steps for implementing the strategy/event and then assign them as tasks that needed to be completed.

Once students have selected a strategy/event, one student can make a MS Team and invite the other students in the group to join. That way, students can develop any materials they need for the strategy/event, which they can then store and share with the other students using Teams.


Student Objective



This instructional idea has students work together to explore reasons why young children may not love reading. Students then plan a response aimed at fostering a love of reading in children, and they use technology to coordinate their efforts.

EdTech used in this activity:

Alternative Ed Tech you could use:

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