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Acquiring Audience Feedback on a Published Product | ELA Community Activism PBL (Lesson 6 of 6) | 6-8, 9-10, 11-12

Student Objective

Students will be able to:
1. explore online tools for acquiring feedback.
2. use technology to acquire feedback about their original product by selecting an online tool aligned to their desired type of feedback.


Materials Needed: 


This instructional idea is the sixth in a six-part set that provides 6-12 ELA teachers with sample procedures and resources for implementing a community activism project-based learning project addressing the ISTE Student Standards. Throughout these six instructional ideas, students will identify a local community issue and community stakeholders, conduct research, synthesize and publish their research for an authentic audience, and seek feedback on their final product. 

In this part (6 of 6) of the project, students will use technology to seek feedback about their original product and reflect on their learning. This instructional idea can be used to guide students to use technology to seek feedback for any topic. 

Step 1: Own It

  • Ask students to do a Think-Pair-Share on the following questions:
    • What is “feedback?” What types or methods of feedback have you experienced? 
    • In your opinion, how is feedback important for learning?

Step 2: Learn it

Step 3: Share It 

  • After students have had time to explore the digital forms of feedback, ask them to select a tool and design their feedback for their audience or target users. 
    • Scaffold: At this point, students might need an exemplar or sample question set from which they can design their feedback form. 
      • For the ELA Community Activism Project-Based Learning Instructional Idea set, you might consider asking students to include the following questions: 
        • How did this product change your understanding of the community topic/issue? 
        • In what ways was this product effective/not effective in achieving its purpose of [describe product purpose here]? 
        • To what degree did this product inspire you to [complete an action]? 
        • In what  ways is this productive effective in communicating its message? In what ways can it be improved?


This instructional idea requires students to use technology to seek feedback about their original product.

EdTech used in this activity:

Google Docs

Alternative Ed Tech you could use:

Padlet, Google Forms, Flipgrid