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Know and use a deliberate design process | Designing a Writing Piece | K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-10, 11-12

Student Objective

Students will be able to:
1. name the deliberate design process of the writing process: generating ideas and purpose for writing, choosing a topic/idea, brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing
2. generate a writing piece using the steps of the writing process with guidance and support from teachers and/or peers


Materials needed for this lesson:

  • a way to present a video from YouTube
  • chart paper to create an anchor chart, or the provide chart image from the activity
  • paper
  • pencils

Step 1: Make an introduction to the writing process

You can watch this video introducing the steps for the writing process

      1. Prewriting/Brainstorming
      2. Drafting
      3. Revising
      4. Editing
      5. Publishing

Step 2: Create a visual representation of the writing process

A visual representation could be made of the writing process as you discuss and learn each step. This chart could be used for this activity as well as for future writing projects.

This visual presentation could be created as an anchor chart by the class or  you can use one of these posters [color or grey and white] as an image or idea for a template.


Step 3: Discuss each step of the writing process and relate this process to the design process.

When teaching each step of the writing process, connect this cyclical process to the design process. It always begins with an idea or a purpose, then you generate ideas that leads to your creation of an initial product (first draft of writing). The first draft can ALWAYS be improved.


Step 4: Model and work through the Writing Process (one step at a time) to create a writing artifact

In this step you will help guide the students through each step of the writing process. This could be done as a group of individually (depending on the level of your students).

This lesson could also be done in one sitting, with a smaller writing sample, or done over a longer period of time focusing more on each step of the process.

Things to keep in mind:

  • When modeling, make sure you connect your thinking or actions to the individual steps of the writing process
  • When you work with students, help them articulate the step of the process they are executing. This will help solidify their connection to a deliberate design process (a process for constant improvement)
  • As the students go through each step of the process, help support their understanding of the design process, focusing on the purpose of their writing and encouraging constant changes and improvement.

*if you would like to learn more about the design process in other subjects, for example: science, please see some of the other examples for Standard 4a: Know and use a deliberate design process


This instructional idea introduces students to the design process by providing a structure that represents each step of the process. The students will relate the design process to each element of the literary/writing process.

EdTech used in this activity:

Google Docs

Alternative Ed Tech you could use:

Grammarly, Bookemon