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Use online forums to get feedback on your essay | Exchange Ideas on the Worldwide Web | 9-10, 11–12

Student Objective

Student will be able to:
1. post their essay draft of a subject on an online forum to request and collect critical feedback from a community of online peers and experts


Materials Needed:

  • Students will require an account created for one or more of the following online-feedback writing communities:
  • Students will each require a student and internet access

Step 1: Own It – “How many people need to review a book before you know it will be good?”

  • Think-Pair-Share:
    • How many people need to review and provide feedback to a book before you know it will be good?
    • Who do those people have to be?¬† Name at least 3 and why.

Step 2: Learn It – How t ask for feedback online

  • Provide students the background around obtaining critical feedback for their essay through online communities
    • Background:
      • Online communities provide access to a wide variety of perspectives, experts, and communities
      • These varied sources for feedback can help you revise and edit your essay to make it better!
    • Steps for students to take (share with them using a one page reference sheet)
      1. Have your essay or piece of writing ready as a word document (or google document)
      2. Decide what questions you would like answered from the online community:
        • Do you want feedback on grammar?
        • Organization and structure?
        • Coherence and cohesion?
        • Evaluation of your analysis and claims?
      3. Decide which online community you would like to post in (can post in 1 or all 3):
      4. Post your request to feedback on the chosen online communities:
        • Make sure that your post has these following elements:
          • The objective of your post: “I would like the following type of feedback on my essay…”
          • The essay question you are answering (from your assignment)
          • The rubric (if available) that will be used in class to evaluate their essay/writing piece
          • The text of your essay
          • A thank you at the end

Step 3: Have students post on at least 1 online forums

  • Have students make their post according to their objectives

Step 4: Have students provide feedback on at least 1 other post on each online forum they’ve posted¬†

  • Students should reciprocate their request on forums by providing feedback on one post per forum they have posted on



This instructional idea has students join a platform for writers to exchange their ideas with other members from diverse backgrounds and experiences. By giving and providing feedback about writing, students will be broadening their understanding.

EdTech used in this activity:

Circle Critique

Alternative Ed Tech you could use:

Wattpad, Poetry Poem