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Explore local and global issues| Researching and Developing Legislation| 9-10, 11-12

Student Objective

Students will be able to:
1. research, understand, and explain complex political issues in their own words;
2. summarize at least two perspectives about the issue;
3. draft a piece of legislation that expresses the group’s take on the issue and that the group sees as being a reasonable compromise.


Teachers will instruct students to research and understand topical political issues and legislation and draft proposed legislation based on their research.

Step 1: Instruct students to explore websites that list and provide information about trending political topics. 

When working to locate a political issue, students can use the I Side With… website to review trending issues. After identifying the issue, students then use a search engine to locate additional information about the topic.

When locating political issues, students can view this political issue resource list from the Pew Research Center. When they come across an issue of interest, students can click on it to access additional information.

After students have identified an issue, they can locate additional information about it by entering key terms into a search engine, like, and then reviewing the results.

Step 2: Put students in small groups and ask each group to do the following:

  • Describe the issue using their own words;
  • Summarize at least two perspectives about the issue; and,
  • Draft a piece of legislation that expresses the group’s take on the issue and that the group sees as being a reasonable compromise.

While in small groups students can create a Trello board, so each group member can be assigned specific responsibilities for completing this project.

When students are ready to draft their legislation, one student can create a Google Doc and then invite the other students to join. That way, each of the students can add their ideas to the legislation.

Step 3: Students create presentations and share their proposed legislation with the class.

In the presentation, the group will have to share their issue and two or more perspectives about the issue before proposing their legislation. In response, the class can ask the group questions. When finished, the class can then vote in favor or in opposition to the legislation.

Once students have identified their issue and located enough information, they can work together to create a presentation about the issue and their proposed legislation. They can utilize Google slides or Canva to develop graphics and/or create their presentation.


This instructional idea requires students to use technology to identify a political issue and investigate different opinions about it. They then offer a piece of legislation as a "solution" to the issue.

EdTech used in this activity:

I Side With…

Alternative Ed Tech you could use:

Trello, Political Issues Research by the Pew Research Center, Google Docs