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Publishing & Sharing Research on a Community Issue | ELA Community Activism PBL (Lesson 5 of 6) | 6-8, 9-10, 11-12

Student Objective

Students will be able to:
1. identify the most appropriate method and/or platform for sharing their original digital product.
2. share their original product with an authentic audience.


Materials Needed: 


This instructional idea is the fifth in a six-part set that provides 6-12 ELA teachers with sample procedures and resources for implementing a community activism project-based learning project addressing the ISTE Student Standards. Throughout these six instructional ideas, students will identify a local community issue and community stakeholders, conduct research, synthesize and publish their research for an authentic audience, and seek feedback on their final product. 

In this part (5 of 6) of the project, students will publish their original product for their community stakeholder audience in a form or platform that best suits their message. See parts 1 through 4 for scaffolding for this instructional idea. 

Step 1: Own It 

  • Note: The below activity refers to work completed in part 4 of 5 of this instructional idea set. 
  • Ask students to connect to the previous instructional activity by doing a Think-Pair-Share on the following questions:
    • Using rhetoric effectively when communicating to achieve a purpose requires you to choose the most effective platforms for sharing your message. Take a moment to review the product you created and discuss the following questions with a partner: 
      • Who is your audience? Why is the form your product takes most appropriate for that audience? 
      • Do a quick Google search for your stakeholder. On what communication platforms (social media, websites, etc.) are they active? 
      • Given what you know about your stakeholder, what do you think is the best communication platform on which your product (message) will be received? 
        • Tip: remember you are approaching this assignment through a community activist lens. This means your goal is to affect real positive change in your community. What platform will best allow for that? 

Step 2: Learn It

Step 3: Share It 

  • Say: “Now that you’ve determined the best way(s) to share your final product with your community stakeholder, it’s time to put your plan into action.”
    • Ask students to follow through with sharing their final product with their stakeholder via their chosen communication platform. 
    • Note: Be sure to check if your school or district has any specific media policies for students sharing their work before this step. Some teachers might need to limit the options for available platforms based on these guidelines. 


This instructional idea requires students to publish and share an original digital product related to a community issue with an authentic audience.

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