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biblionasium logo


A website that allows teacher users to register and create classes for student users to join. Depending on settings, teacher and student users can log books read, make book suggestions, and more!


Bookemon allows you to create a book online that can then be printed and shared. The site provides templates or you can design an original book using provided designs or uploading your own images. The creation of the book is free, however to download or purchase the book does cost some money (depending on the format your choose). Logo

This website provides a mind mapping tool that users can save and download.


Chart Go Logo

Chart Go

This web-based tools allows users to enter data to create graphs, diagrams, and tables.

Chat2000 logo Music Charts 2000 – 2020

This website allows users to search its music chart database based on top artist, songs, and albums. Users can click on the names of artists, songs, and time periods to access additional information.

Chrome Music Lab Logo

Chrome Music Lab: Spectogram

This tool allows users to see the spectrum analysis of nine sounds. Plus, if users click the “Microphone” icon, they can play music or speak into their device and see the spectrum analysis based on the sounds they input.

circle critique logo

Circle Critique

This resource is a writing community that includes multiple forums to explore and discuss topics about writing along with opportunities for feedback on their own pieces of writing.

Clipchamp Logo

Clipchamp Create

This tool allows users to create and edit videos. Users will have to launch the tool, click the “Create Video” option on the top left, and choose the dimensions for their video. At this point, users can choose to record their screen or themselves using the webcam. Next, a record appears and when tapped, they can begin recording. When finished, they can tap it again, and their media will appear on the top left of the editor screen. Users can drag that media into their timeline and make edits, add … Continued Logo

This is a government website that contains detailed information about copyright law in the United States. This website includes a series of videos that explains pertinent issues and topics surrounding copyright law.