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A series of questions that can be applied to different texts and sources to determine their credibility


Creately is a collaborative digital workplace. The site provides templates for planning projects and graphic organizers. It provides opportunities for collaboration and project management. This resource requires an account. Personal accounts are free, and provide up to 3 free documents. After those 3 documents you have to pay for a subscription to make more.

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Creative Common Licenses

This website explains the different creative common license types in detail.

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Cut the Knot – Math Glossary

This glossary provides a list of commonly used math terms.

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Dallas Symphony Orchestra

This website includes an overview of musical instruments commonly used in orchestras along with recordings of the instruments being played.

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Deviant Art

This platform provides students with the opportunity to view artwork by categories, and they can comment and like the different pieces of art. In addition, students can contact different artists. Students are also able to create their own profiles and share their artwork.

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Doodle Addicts

This platform is for drawing enthusiasts and it allows users to upload and share their drawing, with options to comment and like other users’ drawings as well as follow other artists. Users also have the option to sell their artwork.

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A website that allow users to create collaborative boards. After making a board, users can share a link to it with other users, and the can create and post a “card” to the board, which can include text, images, and links. Once posted, other users can see, comment, and vote for the post, depending on the board’s settings.

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This platform is designed for musicians to connect with other musicians, fans, and industry professionals. Users can create their own profile, post their own music, and interact with other users by commenting on and liking their post as well as following them. In addition, this platform includes a specific section for users to support users in growing their career.

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Ello – The Creators Network

This platform is built by artists for artists, and it lets users view, comment, and like different pieces of artwork, which are organized by category and topic. Users are also able to add their own artworks to the platform, so other members can view them and provide feedback.