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Identifying a Local Community Issue | ELA Community Activism PBL (Lesson 1 of 6) | 6-8, 9-10, 11-12

In lesson 1 of 6 of this multi-step project, students will identify a community need and the required resources, technology tools, and communication platforms needed to complete the community activism project.

English Language Arts | 11th-12th, 6th - 8th, 9th-10th

Know and use a deliberate design process | Designing a Solution | 3-5, 6-8

This instructional activity walks the students through the engineering design process to create and develop unique solutions to real-world problems. This activity can be adapted for many different subject areas and grade levels. It promotes collaboration and problem-solving skills. Students will design and produce original solutions and share these solutions … Read more

English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies | 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th

Test and improve prototypes in a design process| Saving the 3 Little Pigs | K-2

Students will utilize the Engineering Design Process to build strong houses for the 3 Little Pigs. The students will work to build the strongest houses they can with the materials from the story (straw, sticks and bricks) to withstand the breath of “The Big Band Wolf” (hair dryer).

English Language Arts, Science | Kindergarten - 2nd

Test solutions you brainstormed | Students Compute like Computers to Solve Real Problems (Lesson 6 of 7) | K-2

In part 6, students will test and evaluate some of their brainstormed solutions to a problem they identified using data representing an event. Students learn a computational procedure to analyze and interpret numerical data to derive insights about a real-world problem of supply demand for marbles in a classroom, ultimately … Read more

Math | Kindergarten - 2nd

Know and use a deliberate design process | Little Engineers | K-2

Students will be introduced to the Engineering Design Process. A video and class discussion will familiarize students with real-life application of the Engineering Design Process and how to perform each step. They will then be tasked to do a small explorative project to help Jessi (from the SciShow Kids video) … Read more

English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies | Kindergarten - 2nd

7c. Global Citizen | Math | Grades 6-12

Students work in groups to solve a math problem or equation and provide supplemental information about before presenting their work to their classmates.

Math | 11th-12th, 6th - 8th, 9th-10th

7c. Global Citizen | English Language Arts | Grades 6-12

Students work in teams to create a multimedia summary of a narrative.

English Language Arts | 11th-12th, 6th - 8th, 9th-10th