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Welcome to the Learning Hub of EdTech Connect NC—a space for teachers to learn and connect through exploration of topics related to the ISTE Student Standards and technology-focused instructional ideas. We currently offer modules on the following topics:

Through these modules, we hope to provide learners with: insight into the development of EdTech Connect NC, resources and a proposed process for unpacking the ISTE Student Standards, and instructional ideas and practices around both Blended Learning and using Google Docs to achieve ISTE Student Standards in K-12 classrooms.  


The purpose of the EdTech Connect NC Learning Hub is for teachers to deepen their knowledge of the ISTE Student Standards, resources, instructional ideas, and related pedagogies. Through a series of interactive modules, teachers learn and collaborate in an online community aimed at empowering teachers to create authentic, digital-age learning experiences 

Contact/About the Authors  

These courses were built by UNC Chapel Hill Master of Educational Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (MEITE) students Marvin Espinoza (‘21), Erika Murray (‘21), Savannah Windham (‘21), and Devon Young (‘21) as part of their work in the MEITE Program.