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Welcome to this mini course on “Blended Learning in the Classroom”. In this 3-module mini course, learners will explore the following topics: 


The purpose of this 3-module mini course is to support educators in utilizing technology to provide individual, effective, and beneficial instruction for all students. Throughout the modules, learners will discover and define blended learning and its potential benefits for teachers and students. Learners will explore the various models for blended learning and how to implement these models in their own authentic teaching context. By the end of this process, learners will have adapted a current instructional idea or lesson plan utilizing a blended learning approach in order to provide more differentiated, student-centered and meaningful instruction. 

Contact/About the Author  

These courses were built by UNC Chapel Hill Master of Educational Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (MEITE) students Marvin Espinoza (‘21), Erika Murray (‘21), Savannah Windham (‘21), and Devon Young (‘21) as part of their work in the MEITE Program. This mini course—Blended Learning in the Classroom—was built by Erika Murray. 


Please follow the steps listed below for any issues you may experience in this module according to your issue: 

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  • Check your camera and ensure that it is not being used for Zoom or another video conferencing software or activity on your computer. 
  • Try using a different browser (Chrome and Edge are great!) 
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  • Make sure you are signed in to google using your gmail account.  You may have to make one!  Google accounts are FREE and EASY to use and create!  

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  • Make sure you are able to view YouTube videos on  If you are unable, there may be an issue with your browser.  Delete your browsing history, including your cookies and cache.  Then restart your computer. You can click here for tips and instructions.  
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