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After watching the video and reading about how blended learning can enhance K-12 education, you are now going to share your response to these 3 questions regarding blended learning: 


So what? 

Now what? 

Your answer to these questions can be guided by the following inquiries: 

  • What: What is the and/or your definition of blended learning? What is blended learning in the K-12 educational setting? 
  • So what?: What are the benefits of blended learningWhy might you want to learn more about blended learning and how to implement this style of learning? Why might blended learning be important? 
  • Now what?: What do you still need or want to know? What might your next steps be after learning about blended learning?  

Post your answers to the 3 “what” questions on this Padlet forum. 

Link to Padlet: What? So What? Now What? 

Tech Tip: Pressing “enter” or “return” will post your response on the Padlet board. If you would like to add a separate line or paragraph in your post, make sure to press “shift+enter”. Also, use your own judgment when answering the 3 “what?” questions—-don’t stress about answering all the guiding questions. Use this strategy as a way to reflect on what you have viewed, read and learned about blended learning.     

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