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To review the definition and benefits of blended learning as well as introduce potential models of blended learning in the classroom, watch this TED talk presentation by Monique Markoff titled:

“Click here-blended learning and the future of education”. 

At the end of the TED talk presentation, Monique Markoff presented a “call for action” pleading educators and teachers (like you!) to join the efforts in developing and improving blended learning programs in classrooms.
Using this Padletwrite a response to the following prompts: 

  • What was one thing that you learned from this video? 
  • What is one this that surprised you or interested you? 
  • What is one question you have after watching this video? 

After sharing your response, post a comment or video response to ONE other Flipgrid response! What did you find interesting or resonate with?  

Link to PadletReaction to “Click Here” 


Tech Tip: Try to focus on the main things that stood out in this video – don’t stress too much about making your response perfect. Use this as a way to reflect on what you have learned so far and what stuck with you most from this TED talk.    

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