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Now that you have spent time learning about blended learning and the ways it can transform classroom instruction. Let’s explore specific ways to implement blended learning in a K-12 classroom setting. 

For this activity, you are going to explore the provided material with the mindset of a classroom teacher.  

  • If you are currently teaching in a K-12 classroom, imagine applying these models in your own classroom.  
  • Not a classroom teacher? No problem! Create a persona of a teacher you know (i.e. a specific grade level, subject area and setting) and imagine reviewing these models from their perspective. 

Explore the various blending learning models from BLU_ [Blended Learning Universe]: Click here 

After exploring the various models, choose one model you would like to explore further. You will be using this model for the remainder of this course, so choose a model you are most comfortable with and find the most beneficial for your role and classroom setting. 

In the following comments section, please identify the model you have chosen and at least 2 reasons why you chose this model for your “classroom.” 

Go to 2.4: Choose and share a blended learning teaching model



Blended Learning Universe. (2021, February 24). Blended Learning Models. Retrieved March 9, 2021, from 

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