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For this Digital Gallery Walkyou will create a slide identifying your intended classroom setting (subject area and grade level) as well as your chosen blending learning teaching model. You will identify the main components of your model, necessary resources and potential educational technology programs you can use to enrich your students online learning experience (i.e. iReady, DreamboxFreckle, etc.). For a list of potential edtech, you can visit the EdTech Glossary on the EdTech Connect NC site or look at responses from your fellow learners in this course.  

Keep in mind, when brainstorming edtech programs to use, think about your resources. No matter which model you choose, access and familiarity with appropriate technology will affect the effectiveness of your blended learning approach. For instance, if you want to use the lab rotation model, you will need to have consistent and scheduled access to a computer lab and flexible scheduling for teachers and/or other personnel to act as facilitators. 

When finished, please choose a fellow learner’s slide and provide feedback about his/her/their slide in the speaker notes. Specifically, offer 2 praises and 1 suggestion for their current outline for implementing blended learning. 

Link to Digital Gallery Walk on Google Slides: Here 


Tech Tip: Utilize the provided template to showcase your ideas. If there are no available slides, chose the first slide on the right. Choose on “Slide” from the top menu bar and then select “Duplicate Slide”. This will produce a new slide with the provided template. 

  • If you have any trouble accessing the google slides make sure you are signed in to google using your gmail account.  You may have to make one!  Google accounts are FREE and EASY to use and create! 
  • If that does not work, please email, as there may be a sharing issue: 

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