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Now that you have selected an existing lesson plan or instructional idea, it is time to describe the current instructional activities and select an appropriate edtech program to implement in your blended learning instructional plan. 

First, use this template to fill in the current information of your existing classroom lesson plan 

You will need to know the lessons learning objectives, instructional activities, assessment options and existing technology use (if applicable). 

You do not need to share this completed lesson plan template;, however, it will be used in the upcoming section (3.3). 

Next, choose your technology! 

Focus on the learning objectives of this lesson and the broader content domain (I.e. geometry in mathematics, or grammar in reading and writing).   

You will need to select an appropriate edtech program that will allow your students to work independently and provide individualized or differentiated instruction while meeting the expectations of the learning objectives in the lesson or the content domain. 

These two articles provide insight into appropriate and dynamic edtech programs that may work for your subject area and lesson plan: 

You can also: 

  • Review the EdTech Glossary on EdTech Connect NC 
  • Add any additional programs you have found useful or you believe would be beneficial in a blended learning environment to this growing list: Blending Learning EdTech Program Suggestions 
  • This document is meant to be a growing source of Edtech resources that teachers, like yourself, have found useful when implementing blended learning approach. If the resource you provide is not currently on the EdTech Glossary, your resource could be added and you would be credited. 

Things to keep in mind when trying to decide on edtech: 

  • Will my technology support this program? 
  • Is this program available to my students and/or school? 
  • Does this program provide self-regulated, individualized and/or independent work for my students? 

You can also refer to the following chart from BLU_: 

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