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Before we go forward let’s back up to learn a bit more about how North Carolina fits into the ISTE community. North Carolina’s students completing their compulsory education must develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to compete in a complex and ever-changing world. To support these students’ development, North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) adopted the ISTE standards in 2019 to ensure students will develop the digital literacy skills needed to be successful in educational and professional settings. However, ISTE and NCDPI have not provided North Carolina’s teachers with the guidance or professional development needed to integrate the ISTE standards into their classroom instruction. Enter EdTech Connect NC! 

This site was designed for teachers, by teachers, and is meant to provide North Carolina teachers with support integrating these standards in their daily instruction. The site has 4 main features:  

  •  ISTE Standard breakdown 
    • Explore the different ISTE standards and watch accompanying videos that expand on each standard’s subcategory.  
  •  Novel instructional ideas  
    • Explore new ISTE instructional ideas for classrooms, developed by former classroom teachers and educators at UNC Chapel Hill’s Graduate School of Education. These ideas were developed specifically for this site, and for North Carolina teachers. Each idea has an objective and justification, instructions, materials needed, and accompanying resources for each activity. 
  •  Learning Modules
    • Access four unique learning modules to deepen your ISTE instructional practice. In addition to this module, you can also take the following free professional development courses:  
      • Unpacking an ISTE standard 
      • Blended Learning in the classroom 
      • How to Use Google Drive to make Free, Innovative Blended Learning For Your Classroom   
  • EdTech Glossary 
    • Find different edtech to use in your instruction. This extensive list has brief descriptions and links to the tech, and is categorized by instructional need.   

Direct link to Press release:,(ISTE)%20Standards%20for%20Students.&text=In%20addition%2C%2030%25%20responded%20that,ISTE%20Standards%20in%20their%20classrooms. 


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