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This final module is all about taking it home. The instructional ideas on the site are meant to be customized; you are the expert on your students, and our resources are meant to provide you with context and guidance for adaptation to best serve your instructional needs. 

In this module you’ll have a chance to select an instructional idea and customize it for use in your classroom. If you’re not a classroom teacher, no problem! You’ll still have a chance to practice customizing an instructional idea. You’ll walk away from this module with a tangible tool you can use in your classroom. You’ll also have a chance to add your newly designed resource to a set of new instructional ideas created by your fellow module learners.  

Learning Objectives  

Learners will be able to:   

  • Explain what a persona is and develop their own unique persona;  
  • Reflect on equity challenges to consider when integrating ISTE resources in instruction; 
  • Develop a customized instructional idea 

Module 3 Activities  


Go to 3.1: Developing a persona