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Before we dive into customizing an instructional idea, let’s reflect on what our needs are as an instructor. When customizing instructional ideas for specific classrooms it’s important to empathize with the needs of the learners and the instructor. One way to do that is to develop a persona. Personas are useful to help you think outside the box, and design not just for your own instructional and learning needs, but for the needs of others. Check out this article expanding on why personas are a useful tool in instructional design.  

  1. Using, build your own persona. See this worked example from Meghan, a 3rd grade teacher, for inspiration.  
  1. Add the link to your persona to the spreadsheet you added to in the last Module in the “Mod 3.1” section next to your response. Scroll to the right to see the cell to add the link – it’s after the second gray box. 

EdTech used: PersonaGenerator 

Direct link to article: 

Direct link to spreadsheet: 

Direct link to PersonaGenerator 

Direct link to worked example: 


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