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Think back to what you read in Module 1 about the digital divide and its impact on educational equity. As you know, every classroom has different available resources, access to technology, and student learning needs. When dealing with systemic equity challenges in our nation’s schools a one-size-fits-all approach to curriculum rarely meets the needs of all learners, and teachers and instructional designers must develop curriculum that can be customized based on the realities of their unique learning environment. For more information on this topic review ISTE’s essential conditions for ensuring equitable access in classrooms.  

  • Given your persona (either your own or Meghan’s pre-created one), record a Flipgrid video sharing what equity concerns you need to consider in order to deliver thoughtful instruction to your students. What considerations do you need to keep in mind? Where might you need to adapt your instructional practices?  

EdTech used: Flipgrid 

Direct Link to ISTE article: 

Direct link to Flipgrid: 

Direct link to Meghan’s persona: 


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