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Phew – you’ve done so much work in this module! You’ve learned about the ISTE standards, navigated EdTech Connect NC’s resources and tools, and practiced customizing the instructional ideas for individual classroom needs. Now, let’s take it home and develop one of these instructional ideas for your own classroom, and share it with other learners from this module.  

  1. Select an instructional idea you could use in your instruction. Not a classroom teacher? No problem! Create a persona of a teacher you know and customize an instructional idea for him/her/them.  
  2. Review the potential areas for customization from the last module and determine what you need to customize for your own classroom instruction 
  3. Use a blank template in this Google Slide presentation and build out your customized instructional idea.  
  4. Review other learner’s novel ideas and add comments, questions, or additional ideas in the “speaker notes” box underneath the slide.  

EdTech used: PersonaGenerator  and Google Slides  

Direct Link to PersonaGenerator: 

Direct link to Google Slideshow: 


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