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Now that you have learned how to create static backgrounds in Google Slides, it is now time for you to see and review 2 examples of interactive activities—one for K-2 Math and one for K-2 Phonics. 

Watch the following 2 videos and try out the activities yourself:

  1. Google Slides Interactive Activity for K-2 Math  
  2. Google Slides for Interactive Activity for K-2 Phonics  

After watching these two videos and trying the activities yourself, it is now time for you to develop an initial vision for an interactive activity that you as a teacher can execute and that your students can engage with. 

In the comment section below, make a post with the following 2 elements:

  1. What made both activities for K-2 Math and Phonics effective 
  2. Develop a 3-4 sentence summary of an interactive activity that you could create using Google Slides. 
  3. Make sure to include: 
    • Subject and Grade Level of the activity 
    • The description of the end deliverable (1 sentence) 
    • What would be static 
    • The actions students must take 
    • How you as a teacher can see learning happen 

Go to 1.4: Create interactive activity using google slides

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