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Good teachers scaffold student work, especially if the teacher believes students will initially struggle with a multi-step assignment like a long-term project.  Thankfully enough, however, teachers now have access to free educational technological tools like Google Drive to scaffold and manage student progress on a multi-step long-term assignment. 

In this module, teachers will use Google Drive’s text processor, Google Documents, to create a scaffolded multi-step assignment that they have created. 

Learning Objectives  

Teachers will be able to: 

  • Share their experiences using google documents as a tool to scaffold assignments for students 
  • Document their understanding of how to make scaffolded multi-step activities for students to manage their progress using Google Documents 
  • Plan and create a scaffolded activity for students with Google Documents 

Module 1 Activities  


Go to 2.1: How have you used Google Docs to scaffold instruction in your classroom?