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During regular class, teachers provide students independent individual work time, or independent group work time, so that students do the heavy lifting of learning.  That way, teachers avoid giving their students the answers, reducing students’ abilities to practice effectively and learn independently.   

When teachers do give independent group work time to students, good teachers circulate and collect data on whether students are learning by practicing appropriately, on what procedures students are executing, and on what issues students are facing when practicing.  In a digital environment, it is not easy to circulate. 

In this module, teachers will use Google Drive’s spreadsheet processor, Google Sheets, to monitor student work on a given activity that they have created. 

Learning Objectives  

Teachers will be able to: 

  • Share their experiences using Google Sheets as a monitoring tool to collect data on student learning and progress 
  • Document their understanding of how to monitor student learning in a digital environment using Google Sheets 
  • Plan and create an activity in Google Sheets so that they can monitor student and progress 

Module 1 Activities  


Go to 3.1:How have you used Google Sheets to monitor student learning?