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In virtual environments, teachers need to be able to circulate and collect data on student learning and progress, just like they did in the physical classroom! 

Before we learn how to monitor student progress and learning on an activity using Google Sheets, we will first learn how teachers currently use monitor student progress in their (virtual) classrooms.  Using the Flipgrid link belowrecord yourself answering the following question: 

  • In a virtual environment, how have you monitored student progress on an activity? 

Finally, post a comment or video response to one other Flipgrid response!  What did you empathize with or find interesting? 

Link to Flipgrid  

Ed Tech Used: Flipgrid 

Tech Tip: Try to record the video in one fell swoop – don’t stress too much about making it perfect.  Use this as a way to speak what you’ve been thinking through as you read or view content. 

  • To learn more about how to submit a response on Flipgrid, go to this link or watch this short video. 
  • If you are having any problems with accessing Flipgrid, please review this site. 
  • If you have tried using all of these resources and are still having trouble accessing this topic on Flipgrid, please contact: 


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