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Now that you have learned how to setup an activity within google sheets to monitor student learning and progress, it is now time for you to create a plan for an activity you can monitor using Google Sheets! 

Before creating your plan, play around a real example that can be applied within a HS English Class where students are reading King Lear: 

In the comment section below, make a post with the following 2 elements: 

  1. Develop a 3-4 sentence summary of a Google Sheet monitor-able activity that you could create for your students 
    • Make sure to include: 
      • Subject and Grade Level of the activity 
      • The description of the end deliverable (1 sentence) 
      • The actions students must take 
      • How you as a teacher can see learning happen 

Go to 3.4: Create the outlined activity in Google Sheets 

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