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Step 7: Determine Instructional Tasks, Pedagogical Strategies, and Technology that Scaffold Students’ Development and Proficiency of Learning Objectives  

Now that you’ve determined appropriate assessments, it’s time for the last step: determining instructional tasks, strategies, and technology needed to achieve your learning objectives.  

To do this, you must first ask yourself the following questions:  

  • What instructional tasks and pedagogical strategies are best suited to developing students’ understanding of these learning objectives?  
  • What technology can be used to aid and enhance student learning?  

Let’s see how Ms. Franklin did it. After determining that she wanted students to create their own political ad as a final project for her instructional unit, Ms. Franklin brainstorm some pedagogical strategies, instructional tasks, and technology she could incorporate into her lessons that would help her students’ achieve the learning objectives. Consider her responses below



As you complete the final step of the unpacking process, check out some of the resources below to provide you with inspiration for pedagogical strategies, instructional tasks, and technology. Complete Step 7 on your graphic organizer before moving on to 3.4.  


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