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Congratulations on completing the ISTE Student Standards unpacking process! It’s time for you to share your work with the EdTech Connect NC Learning Hub communityFor this padlet, you will not only respond to reflection questions, but also post your completed graphic organizer in your post.   

Share Your Reflections on Padlet  

For this activity, you will use Padlet to post your response to the reflection questions below. As a reminder, there are a few ways to post:  

  • Option 1: Click or tap the big pink (+) button at the bottom of any padlet you have made or been invited to.  
  • Option 2: Double click (web) or double tap (mobile/tablet) anywhere on the padlet.  

Link to Padlet:  

Reflection Questions: 
Post your answers to the questions below on the Padlet digital board. After, respond to at least ONE other poster with a connection or insight.   

  1. First, attach your completed graphic organizer to your post. You do this by clicking the paperclip “attach” button as you write your post.  
  2. Next, respond to one or more of the questions below:  
    • Share your grade level, subject area, and anything else you want readers to know about your school or classroom context.  
    • Briefly identify the ISTE standard and subject-specific standard you chose.  
    • Describe your instructional idea. How did you connect your new learning objectives to instructional ideas for your classroom? What is your plan for implementation with your own students?  

Once you’ve posted on Padlet, congratulations! You have completed all three phases of the ISTE Student Standard unpacking process! Continue on to 3.5 to reflect on your overall experience of this process.    

Ed Tech Used: Padlet 

  • Use this link to access the Padlet discussion board. 

Tech Tip: Pressing “enter” or “return” will post your response on the Padlet board. If you would like to add a separate line or paragraph in your post, make sure to press “shift+enter”. Also, use your own judgment when answering the 3 “what?” questions—-don’t stress about answering all of the guiding questions. Use this strategy as a way to reflect on what you have viewed, read and learned about blended learning.     

  • If you are having any problems with accessing Padlet, please review this site. 
  • If you have tried using all these resources and are still have trouble accessing this board on Padlet, please contact: 


Go to 3.5: Reflect on the Process