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Sketch Together

June 29, 2020

This tool allows users to create a new board. The users can then upload an image of their artwork to the board and then share the board’s URL to other users. That way, all the users with the board’s URL … Read more


April 19, 2020

This tool provides users with hundreds of options for creating an avatar, which include facial options, choices of dress, and a variety of accessories. When finished, users can click the “camera” button, which will allow them to save their avatar … Read more

Make Belief Comix

April 19, 2020

A digital tool for creating comic strips. Users must create a profile and sign in. They then create comic strip up to 18 panels in length. With the tool’s library of images, users can drag and drop images to customize … Read more


April 19, 2020

A digital tool for making comic strips, which allows users to create drag and drop characters, backgrounds, shapes, text, and more from the library of images available within this tool. Please note, the free tool only allows comic strips up … Read more