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March 29, 2021

Popplet is a simple tool to capture and organize your ideas. With Popplet you can quickly jot down your ideas and sort them visually. You can create and share visual representations of your ideas in a graphic organizer/bubble map format. … Read more


March 29, 2021

Creately is a collaborative digital workplace. The site provides templates for planning projects and graphic organizers. It provides opportunities for collaboration and project management. This resource requires an account. Personal accounts are free, and provide up to 3 free documents. … Read more


July 16, 2020

This platform allows users to ask and answer questions about any topic. Users can search the discussion threads using keywords and read about a variety of topics and responses. In addition, they can pose questions to the community that other … Read more

MS Teams

July 15, 2020

This platform is designed for collaboration, and it allows multiple users to add, organize, and share documents. It also includes team communication and productivity tools


July 14, 2020

This platform provides users with a collaborative space. To utilize the platform, one user will create the board and then invite other users to join. Once users join, they can add cards to the board, and the cards can include … Read more


July 10, 2020

This platform always users to join a channel and then post communications, documents, and other content to it, so that all users on the channel are able to communicate and share information and resources.

PASS Galleries

July 7, 2020

This platform allows users to create galleries of their own photographs and share them with other individuals.


July 7, 2020

This platform is designed for photographers to share their work in the form of a gallery. Users are able to choose a free plan and build out their gallery.


July 3, 2020

This platform includes multiple science projects that users can search for using the Project Finder tool. The projects typically include teams of working together to study a phenomenon, and users can click on the projects to learn more about them … Read more

Sketch Together

June 29, 2020

This tool allows users to create a new board. The users can then upload an image of their artwork to the board and then share the board’s URL to other users. That way, all the users with the board’s URL … Read more