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7c. Global Citizen | English Language Arts | Grades 6-12

After reading a narrative (e.g., novel, short story, play, etc.), students are divided into teams, and each team is assigned a section of the narrative (e.g., chapter, act, rising actions, etc.). Next, each team is to create a multimedia summary of section of the narrative they were assigned, and teachers can include specific parameters for the assignment, such as length, type of content, quotes from the text, and more! Each team is then to assign its members specific roles such as team leader, designer, text analyzer, audiologist, character coordinator, and multimedia producer and explain the responsibilities attributed to each role. (For example, the audiologist might be in charge of adding an audio clip to the summary and the character coordinator is responsible for creating the characters in multimedia form.) Students are then to serve in their roles to create their multimedia summaries. Once complete, the teacher can arrange the summaries, so students can view them in order to review the story.

EdTech Resources for Creating Multimedia Summaries

Student teams can create and share a new Google Slides deck with the members of the team. Before adding content, the team can meet and sketch a prototype of their slide on paper. By sketching out the slide, it will help ensure that all the required content for the summary is included on the slide. Once the prototype is set, students can add the content attributed to their role to the slide. When finished, the team can share a link to their slide with their teacher or post it to a class website.

Students can meet together as a team and explore this tool’s options and features. They can then identify the setting for the comic strip and sketch a prototype for each of the cells in the comic strip. One student can then be responsible for adding content to the slides according to the prototype design, and the other students are responsible for supplying that student the content to add to the comic strip’s cells. When finished, the team should have a summary of the narrative they were assigned in the form of a comic strip. When finished, the team can send their comic strip to their teacher or upload it to a class website.

The student team can review the functionality of this tool and decide how they can use it. Next, the team can prototype how they will fashion a board so it includes all the required content for their multimedia summary. When ready, one student can then create a board and share it with the other members of the team. The other team members can then create the content they agreed to develop when they were preparing the prototype and then add that content to the board. When finished, the team can share the board with their teacher or add it to a class website.


Student Objective



This instructional ideas requires students to work in teams to produce a multimedia summary of a narrative they read. Each student is assigned a specific role in the team, and the students must fulfill their role in order for the team to successfully contribute to the summary of the text.

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