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2b: Safe and Ethical Behavior | Safety in My Online Neighborhood | K-2

Student Objective

Students will be able to:
-Discover that the internet can be used to visit faraway places and learn new things.
-Compare how staying safe online is similar to staying safe in the real world.
-Explain rules for traveling safely on the internet.


Original Post from Common Sense Education

  1. Sign up for a free account at
  2. Go to the linked website here to view full lesson and resources
    1. Watch the video My Online Neighborhood
    2. Read the poem, Safety, It Rules! 
    3. Explore: Internet Field Trip
    4. Reflect: Pause & Think Moment

*as an extension you could create a “class book” with the students’ responses to print or use for future lessons, review or to share with parents using the suggested EdTech Resources


This instructional idea relates online safety to safety in the real-world/your neighborhood. It helps students understand the importance of staying safe during online adventures and learn to be safe when traveling online with three simple rules.

EdTech used in this activity:

Alternative Ed Tech you could use:

Google Docs, Bookemon