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Now that you have received an overview of blended learning in K-12 education, we are going to focus on defining blended learning and identifying possible benefits for incorporating blended learning models in your classroom instruction. 

Read the following article: 

What is Blended Learning and How Can it Help Enhance K-12 Education by Hemant Gautam 

While reading the article, independently reflect on the following statements: 

  • What do you believe is the definition of blended learning?  
  • Identify at least 3 benefits to implementing blended learning in a K-12 classroom setting that resonates with you. 

Extra “Credit”: Watch this TedTalk presentation by Jessie Woolley-Willson titled Blending technology and classroom learning”. This TedTalk features an example of a teacher who was confronted with familiar challenges and transformed her classroom teaching using a program called Dreambox and blended learning. 


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