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Module 2 will take you through the second phase of the ISTE Student Standard Unpacking Process: Determination of Objectives. You will build on your analysis of standard language by crafting new learning objectives that combine learning goals from an ISTE standard and a required content-specific standard of youchoiceAfter, you will answer the question, “What does mastery of the new objective look like?” by crafting observable and measurable criteria for students’ successCompleting part 2 of the unpacking process will prepare you for the final stage—implementation—covered in Module 3.   

As a reminder, you will need your graphic organizer with steps 1 and 2 completed to continue in this module. To download that document as well as the completed sample from Ms. Franklin, see the links below.  

Learning Objectives  

Learners will be able to:  

  • Share how they incorporate local, state, or national standards into their curriculum  
  • Use the analysis of language for an ISTE Student Standard to define and write learning objectives within a specific subject area and classroom context  
  • Define proficiency of a standard within a specific subject area and context by creating criteria that is both observable and measurable  

Module 2 Activities  


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