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Now it’s your turn! You are going to take your original lesson plan from Module 3.2 and adapt it to the blended learning model you chose in Module 3.2. You can use the following templates to create your new blended learning lesson plan.  

To fill in the template you will first click on the link of the google document that corresponds with your blended learning model. You will then create a copy of this document and give it a name. After you have completed your new lesson plan, add the link to your document on this google spreadsheet. Make sure your share settings allow anyone to see the document. 

Links to the Lesson Plan Templates:

To remind you what each model entails, click on this link. 

Link to the Google Spreadsheet to share your lesson plan with the EdTech Connect NC community: Sharing your blended learning lesson plans

  • If you need support in how to publicly share a google documentclick here. 


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