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Watch this short video created by Khayrallah Fellow Erika demonstrating how to navigate the site’s instructional ideas. Hot tip: Make sure you check out Erika’s excellent Learning Module on Blended Learning! 

  1. Select one area from this features list referenced in the last Module:  
    1. ISTE Standard breakdown 
    2. Novel instructional ideas  
    3. Learning Modules
    4. EdTech Glossary  
  2. Find one artifact that resonates with your work (i.e. as an 8th grade teacher I am looking at instructional ideas for social studies). This might be the same one you highlighted in the Google slide from the last Module, or you might find a different resource.  
  3. Find your row in the Google spreadsheet you used in Module 2.1 and note how you could use this resource in your work.  

EdTech used: Google Sheets  

Direct link to Google Spreadsheet: 


Go to 2.4: Does EdTech Connect meet the needs of NC teachers?