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Select an instructional idea that resonates with you; this could be the same one you selected in Module 2.3, or a different one. Likely this instructional idea will need to be adapted based on the context of your or your persona’s classroom. Ask yourself: What do need to change about this instructional idea? What will I keep? What are some questions or considerations to keep in mind as deliver this lesson in my classroom?  

Before we start customizing let’s explore some areas you could focus on when you customize an instructional idea. Consider adapting the following: 

  • Media and resources; 
    • What are different videos, articles, narratives that will resonate with your students? 
  • EdTech; 
    • How can you utilize our EdTech Glossary to discover different free tech you can use to introduce key concepts and ideas to your students? 
  • Materials needed 
    • What resources and materials do you have access to at your school? 
  • Language and accessibility concerns 
    • How can you adapt the instructional idea for ELL students and/or students with different learning needs? 
  • Activities 
    • Are there different activities, like group discussions or brainstorming sessions, that will better engage your students?  
  • What else? 
    • What are the other areas you could adapt for your unique classroom needs? 

Let’s use an existing instructional idea to explore how we might customize it based on a classroom’s unique needs. We’ll practice customizing this instructional idea: 4c: Develop and Test Prototypes | Saving the 3 Little Pigs | K-2 

Remember Meghan? You should recognize her from the worked example in Module 3.1. We’ll practice customizing this instructional idea for her classroom. Let’s get started!  

  1. Review her persona and the additional paragraph below with a little bit more information about her and her classroom’s needs:  

Meghan is a 3rd grade teacher at a Title 1 school whose class consists of 50% ELL, with Spanish as their native language, and the other 50% native English speakers. She has very few financial resources to purchase materials, and tries to provide dual-language instruction to ensure her students are getting the same learning experience. She encourages collaboration and discussion in her class to help the students connect with each other and deepen their engagement in the material. She’s very comfortable using technology in her instruction.  

  • Now, review the list of potential areas for customization:  
    • Media and resources 
    • EdTech  
    • Materials  
    • Language and accessibility concerns 
    • Activities  
    • Something else 
    • Use this collaborative Padlet to add your ideas for how Meghan could customize this instructional idea to meet her unique classroom needs. Review ideas from other learners and add comments or “like” the ideas that resonate with you. 

EdTech used: Padlet 

Tech Tip: Pressing “enter” or “return” will post your response on the Padlet board. If you would like to add a separate line or paragraph in your post, make sure to press “shift+enter”. Also, use your own judgment when answering the 3 “what?” questions—-don’t stress about answering all the guiding questions. Use this strategy as a way to reflect on what you have viewed, read and learned about blended learning.      

  • If you are having any problems with accessing Padlet, please review this site. 
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